old time silver tonic

History Of Silver Solutions

Silver has been known for hundreds of years to be beneficial to humans in many ways. Only since the invention of electricity has true colloidal silver been achievable. Do your research because not all silver is created equal. Many inferior Silver's are made by a silver oxide being dissolved in water. That is not a true colloidal silver. It takes us 10 hours to manufacture a gallon for a reason. When making true silver suspensions there is no way to cut the process short. There's only one way to make it, the Silverback way!


Think about times not that long ago when people were much healthier. We used to eat everything off of silver. Silver plates, forks, spoons, and even glasses. Many glass makers will put silver into their process to give it that special unique property. Silver has been used for hundreds of years by the elite of society. take home some Silverback Tonic, true colloidal silver for the real royal treatment!




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